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07/22: Linux > nmap

Category: Linux tips
Posted by: hajime osako
己を知り、敵を知る――Nmapで見つめ直す自分の姿 - @IT

# nmap -sT -sU -P0 -p 67-68 -oN result.log 192.168.0.*

# nmap -p 1-9999 -A --exclude -oX nmapTest1.1.xml

Category: Z. links
Posted by: hajime osako
CodeGuru: Execute Applications on Remote Systems


* With this program you can run as many remote commands on the remote machine as you want. (PSEXEC supports only one remote command on the remote machine at the same time)
* You can execute internal commands (dir,..) directly.
xCmd.exe \\remote dir
* You can start a light "telnet" connection with a remote machine without any telnet server
xCmd.exe \\remote cmd