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06/02: HTTP

Category: Web dev
Posted by: hajime osako
"HEAD Asks for the response identical to the one that would correspond to a GET request, but without the response body. This is useful for retrieving meta-information written in response headers, without having to transport the entire content. GET Requests a representation of the specified resource. By far the most common method used on the Web today. Should not be used for operations that cause side-effects (using it for actions in web applications is a common misuse). See"
Hypertext Transfer Protocol - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Category: Linux tips
Posted by: hajime osako
tcpdump を使いこなそう
tcpdump atmarkit

# tcpdump -ni eth0 host
(i specifies interfece, n is numeric output)
# tcpdump host [IP] -nnxX -s0 -l | tee /tmp/tcpdump.cap
# tcpdump -i eth1 -s0 -n -w /tmp/tcpdump.cap
(-w is useful to read Wireshark(

# iptables -F [chain] (Delete/Flush all rules in chain)
# iptables -L [chain] -n (List the chain with numeric output)

# arping -I eth0 (which Ethernet device to use)

# time echo quite | telnet 8080