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MySQL Query Browser

The result area tab is splittable horizontally or vertically. The Script Editor provides debugging options such as single-stepping and breakpoints.
Double-clicking a table name enters SELECT statement automatically.
Queries in the bookmark or history browser is draggable. Double-clicking a query also enters it into the query area. Most of the option settings are shared between Query Browser and Administrator.
Passwords can be save as plain text or in 'obscured' format.

MySQL Client Interfaces

MySQL Connector/ODBC, /J and /NET
/ODBC is written by C and /J and /NET are written by native language, which support for MySQL capabilities such as server-side prepared statements, stored routines and Unicode.
Category: Web dev
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Core JavaScript 1.5 Guide:Creating New Objects:Defining Getters and Setters - MDC
o = {
  get b() { return this.a+1; },
  set c(x) { this.a = x/2; }