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Posted by: hajime osako
Excute SQL from shell
shell> mysql -e (or --excute) "SELECT DATABASE(); SELECT VERSION();"

Statement Terminators
\c to cancel current statement
\q to exit mysql comand console
\g is terminator
\G is terminator plus output vertically

Using Script Files
mysql> SOURCE input_file
shell> mysql de_name < input_file

Output Formats
--batch (or -B) tab-delimited output
--table (or -t) tabular output
--html (or -H)  HTML format
--xml (or -X)   XML format

Clinet Commands and SQL statements
mysql> STATUS;
mysql> HELP item;
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"普通の Unix では /etc/fstab 等のファイルに mount の設定を保存しますが, Cygwin に該当するファイルはありません。 Cygwin は Windows アプリケーションらしくレジストリに設定を記録します。"
Life with Cygwin 3
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Posted by: hajime osako
The double quote character is interpreted as an identifier-quoting character.
Ignore spaces after function names.
The default is that MySQL returns NULL rather than a warning (or an error in strict mode.)
Switching on 'strict mode.' STRICT_TRANS_TABLES is only for transactional tables.
strict modes plus several additional restrictions.
enables behaviors are more like ANSI SQL (ex. ANSI_QUOTES, PIPES_AS_CONCAT)
*SHOW WARNINGS shows MySQL warnings.